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Founded in April of 2017, Scottsdale, Arizona, Awayn is a community-driven platform for traveling and outdoor discovery where our members can share and submit location-based contents such as traveling experiences, secret insights, and recommended packing lists.

Our Story

It all started when we decided to travel to Southern California for our first surfing adventure. Newbies to surfing, we had lots of questions and needed lots of information regarding our upcoming adventure. Where should we go in Southern California? Was there a beach that was particularly good for first-timers? Where should we stay when we were there? What equipment and gear did we need? Would we have to buy that gear or could we rent it at a nearby surf shop? What was the approximate cost to buy or rent a surfboard?

We spent hours on the internet…reading blogs, scouring travel tips, visiting forums. There didn’t seem to be anyone site on the internet that could tell us all we needed to embark on our adventure. Finally, after wasting hours on the internet, we decided to just drive to a beach in Southern California and see if we could find any locals who could provide us with the info we needed.

It would have been so much easier if there had been a site on the internet that provided all of the information we needed to plan our adventure.With this in mind, we found Awayn.com, your “one-stop information shop” for your next adventure, activity, or experience. Awayn.com is a community-based site in which you can gather information for your next adventure or you can share your last adventure with our site visitors. It’s a place where you can get honest recommendations based on someone’s personal experience. You can browse the site to get ideas for your next adventure, or, if you already have an adventure in mind, you can use the site to gather useful information that will save you time and money as you embark on that adventure. If you don’t find specific information regarding your upcoming adventure on our site, we encourage you to post your questions on our forum. We’ll bet that one of our helpful site visitors will be able to help you with the information you’re looking for.Or, if you want to share one of your recent adventures with our community, we’d like to hear about it. Maybe there are others who would like to have the same adventure. Maybe your tips regarding that adventure will help other community members have a better experience.

Sibling Co-Founders:

Pedram Rostami

Pedram is an engineer with more than 10 years of combined experience in energy and mining industries. He has a Master’s degree from New Mexico Tech and received his Ph.D. in geological/geophysical engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno.Pedram@awayn.com

Dela Rostami

Dela is a front-end developer and UI designer. She has received her B.F.A from Minnesota State University, Moorhead in Graphic Design and her Master’s degree in UX Research design from University of California, Davis. Dela@awayn.com


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